Mo McMorrow started her creative journey in the visual arts studying painting and printmaking at York University, Toronto and painting the University of N.S.W. Sydney Australia.

But 1996, after she arrived in Galway Ireland, a place steeped in arts and culture she started exploring singing and performing. “If you’ve got a song in you the Irish will get it out of you.” says Mo. Living in a rich artistic culture with close connections to some of Ireland’s top musicians it was a natural progression that music become part of her life.

She is now based in Austin Texas where she continues to perform and record her songs. Her latest CD is a self-produced/engineered creation “Hangin’ on a Nail”. ”For me (Hangin’ on a Nail) is one of the best CD’s of 2013 in this genre, acoustical folk.” Fred Schmale, Real Roots Cafe.