Around the World in 24 Years

The live art performance as a culmination of the art exhibition gallery created in her home before returning to Australia after 24 years overseas.

View of the repurposed artworks taken from the Hearts and Hands painting.

“Hangin’ on a Nail”

The making of the CD cover for “Hangin’ on a Nail”

the progression of the painting
showing the progression,

The photos to the left show the progression of the CD cover artwork, beginning as a small and fragile world floating in space and becoming the colorful hybrid of fine and folk art seen below. The completed piece was made with the help of hundreds of contributions from around the world mailed in by adults and children, artists and not-artists alike and giving everyone’s contribution an equal importance. Each square is a microcosm of the large whole working together to create the theme of a connected universe with every tiny element playing an essential role.

The collage received the “Inspiration Award” as part of the Peace Project, a touring exhibition hosted by The Whole 9 Gallery in Los Angeles.

“Hearts and Hands”

Hearts and Hands was a multi-media interactive project incorporating painting, audio and video created live on stage over 2 weekends at The Victory Grill during the EAST AUSTIN STUDIO TOUR 2013.  The setting for the project was the stage in the back room of the Victory Grill. The gallery visitors, both adults and children, were invited to lend a “hand” in the creation and to record their story to be edited into the final product, the video “Hearts and Hands”. 

Then gave a concert still dressed in painting clothes

The following video is the final product created by the process.

Mo McMorrow began her creative career in the visual arts. She graduated from York University (Toronto) and UNSW Art & Design (Sydney) with a BFA and an MArt respectively. She exhibited in some of the best galleries in Sydney.

“Close” mixed media on vellum, 1994
“Traces” 1992 mixed media on vellum, Sydney

2020 has been the year of big changes for many. As a special education teacher, after dealing with school  closings and distance teaching Mo has made the difficult decision to resign from her teaching job and head back home to Australia after 24 years away. In order to facilitate the downsizing process she has turned her home into an art gallery for the month of November.