Mo McMorrow began her creative career in the visual arts. She graduated from York University (Toronto) and UNSW Art & Design (Sydney) with a BFA and an MArt respectively. She exhibited in some of the best galleries in Sydney.

“Close” mixed media on vellum, 1994
“Traces” 1992 mixed media on vellum, Sydney

2020 has been the year of big changes for many. As a special education teacher, after dealing with school  closings and distance teaching Mo has made the difficult decision to resign from her teaching job and head back home to Australia after 24 years away. In order to facilitate the downsizing process she has turned her home into an art gallery for the month of November.


East Austin Studio Tour – 2013 

Hearts and Hands was a multi-media community art project as part of the group show at the Historic Victory Grill as part of EAST AUSTIN STUDIO TOUR 2013. The project took place over two week-ends.  My portable recording studio was set up on stage to capture stories from the gallery visitors. They are layer and mixed in with some old recordings of Richard Bowden’s some dating back 60 years. The video finishes off in the forest on a full moon night in front of the cave art like hands painting. This is a tip of the hat to our ancestors who told stories around a flame. Stories were the glue that held those communities together helping them to survive 1000s of years of unexpected occurrences. We owe our existence to their survival. That is who the “thank you” at the end of the video is for all those who participated in the project but as well, our innovative ancestors who survived against the odds.

View of the repurposed artworks taken from the Hearts and Hands painting.