“Austin’s Mo McMorrow is both a thoroughly original visionary and a disarmingly charming spirit whose music always seems to find the sweet spot between universal truth and rhapsodic wonderment.”  Gleason Booth, Lone Star Music Magazine


“Thank you for a beautiful experience. You are incredible.” Lee & Linda

“I love the way your songs and your life tell such a powerful personal story!” Jim

“Mo your stories and travels are amazing – Thank you for sharing. Love it!” Paul

“You sang to our hearts and we loved it! Thank you for sharing your gifts.” Liz

“Mo McMorrow has made her home in Canada, Australia, Ireland and now Austin, Texas. With the same adventurous spirit she journeys through the Arts not as a tourist but as a local, combining intelligent insight and whimsy to create songs, paintings, videos with the child-like innocence of an old soul. Her new CD “Hangin’ on a Nail” was a homegrown labor of love, engineered and produced by McMorrow at home. An accomplished painter she created the cover collage with squares sent from people around the world thereby embodying the spirit of connection in the title track song “Hangin’ on a Nail”. The inclusion of the track “Spancil Hill” attests to her love of Irish music. This energetic version however is a departure from the traditional delivery. The driving rhythm and Richard Bowden’s dynamic fiddle give it a rebel song feel as the dreamer with his nostalgic love of Ireland wakes in his California bed. “Crackin’ version Mo. Gets the blood up alright.” Mullarky’s Bar, Clifden, Ireland. “Hangin’ on a Nail” As a performer she sparkles with life. One moment she’s disarmingly funny the next she’s flying you out to the stars to look down at our planet with a full heart. In 2011 Mo started working with fiddle player Richard Bowden and this acoustic, heartfelt CD is the result of their collaboration. Bowden fuels McMorrow’s songs with his Texas centered globally inspired musicianship and brings decades of experience with him. He has played with a who’s who of Texas music and is currently performing with Terry Allen, the Maines Brothers Band and Ryan Bingham to name a few.”