Mo McMorrow is a well-traveled whirlwind of creative energy. In song this energy translates to a nuanced brand of Irish-Americana led by a voice of honey, velvet and steel, and steeped in transatlantic themes of place and ancestry.

Her first CD Mona Lisas Don’t Cry draws from her connection to and her love for many places, and the good-byes that leaving brings. The result is a freshly sincere collection of songs whose lyrics embrace the sorrows of moving on.

Her second CD “Hangin’ on a Nail” was a homegrown labor of love, engineered and produced by McMorrow at home. The CD cover was a collaboration collage with squares sent from people around the world thereby embodying the spirit of connection in the title track song “Hangin’ on a Nail”. Richard Bowden who has played with many of Texas’ greats, adds fiddle, viola, cello, trumpet, bouzouki and vocals. He’s the band!

As a performer she sparkles with life. One moment she’s disarmingly funny the next she’s flying you out to the stars to look down at our planet with a full heart.

Mo McMorrow was born in Canada to Australian parents. In 1996 she left Sydney Australia on a year long round the world trip that has lasted 24 years. With the same adventurous spirit she travels through the arts writing songs and painting pictures with the intelligent insight and child-like whimsy of an old soul.

“Mo’s whimsical wonder has led to a depth of personal commitment, not only as a creator, but as a communicator. Any project that Mo begins leaves me excited about the invitation of what will arrive at the end.” Sara Hickman, State Musician of Texas

“Austin’s Mo McMorrow is both a thoroughly original visionary and a disarmingly charming spirit whose music always seems to find the sweet spot between universal truth and rhapsodic wonderment.”      Gleason Booth, Lone Star Music Magazine