About Me


I was born and raised in Toronto Canada.  My father was an Educational Diagnostician, my mother a Seamstress.

Fast forward – after earning my second art degrees in Sydney Australia I worked at the Museum of Contemporary Art and pursued my art career. By this time my songwriting was a well kept secret.

In 1996 I went on a round the world trip. My first stop was a week in Ireland… I stayed 11 years.

If you have a song in you the Irish will get it out of you. But it took a while. I first had to face my crippling fear of performing. Slowly, painfully I changed my limiting self-beliefs.

Fast forward – I became a professional performer singing all over Ireland. My continued interest in psychology lead me to investigate the mechanism that facilitated me learning this new and surprising (for me) behavior. What I discovered was that the belief that we are ALL capable of learning new behaviors had been at the core of my teaching philosophy all along (I’ve taught art, music, writing, dance for 30 years) and I finally included myself in this belief. We just need to be INTERESTED in what we are learning. We need to know that success is POSSIBLEand we need to know that there is a PURPOSE in this new skill that will GIVE us something new and wonderful that will CONNECT us with the society we live in.