Art making has never been a hobby, but rather a way of life. It is how I have come to know myself and make sense of the world.

I received my BFA Honors degree from York University and my Master of Art from UNSW Art & Design. This education helped me to place my art practice in a social and historical context. This was helpful towards understanding my own visual language, but it has been my own private practice outside the art world context that has been my pursuit.

It is this same searching and questioning that informs my teaching.

That is why my teaching portfolio must include my creative history. Teaching is like being a guide for students, (children or adults, gifted or differently abled) to point them in the direction to discover for themselves. This is a skill that once learned stays with you for life.


“The City of San Marcos” 12 feet by 2.5 feet (acrylic on board) CLICK TO ENLARGE

“Little Cargo” included in The People’s Gallery Exhibition at City Hall 2013/14.

Below : “Close” A painting installation – linseed oil, wax medium, graphite and mixed-media on vellum. The burned pieces of vellum are held to the wall with pins. The boxes have holes in them to view into and see the “landscape” on the inside. There were holes in the top that created shafts of light on many angles from the row of gallery lights on the ceiling. This installation needed to be experienced from up close.

painting installation, mixed media on vellum, 1994
“Close” painting installation (mixed media on vellum) 1994