Mo is passionate about sharing her story of overcoming stage fright which is sprinkled with experiences from her 11 years years in Ireland. In 2014 she joined Toastmasters to hone her speaking skills.  By 2015 Mo was one of the presenters at The Toastmaster Conference in Austin. Her workshop was called “The H.E.A.R.T of Storytelling” where she spoke about Show Don’t Tell.


IMG_1473STAGE FRIGHT: Face it, Embrace it 40 – 60 min. flexible to suit event needs. Using audience participation, storytelling and song Mo brings the audience on a journey and offers concrete solutions to those experiencing performance anxiety and fear of speaking publicly. These helpful strategies can be used for job interviews or social anxiety. Suitable for high school students to adults.


a4SHOW, DON’T TELL:  The H.E.A.R.T. of Storytelling 40 – 60 min. How can some people enthrall an audience while talking about a stale muffin while another will bore them talking about a helicopter crash? One of the biggest differences is the art of “showing” not “telling”.

This fun workshop gets to the heart of storytelling using all your senses, including your sense of humour! You will also walk away with a powerful writing tool that will improve your writing from day one with only ten minutes a day!

This program is helpful anyone who is interested in improving their storytelling/speaking/writing skills, especially those who enjoy laughing as they learn.


DRAWING A BLANK: Creating Ideas From Nothing 45 – 60 grades 4 – 8,  60 – 90 min high school – adults, (drawing / writing)   A workshop addressing the question of where ideas come from, how to create more of them and why they sometimes refuse to come. And Mo’s surprising conclusion that being a good friend, spouse, parent or sibling follows the same dynamic.