Mo has a passion for sharing her story of overcoming stage fright which is sprinkled with quirky experiences that happened during her 11 years years in Ireland. In 2014, In order to drop the protective shield of the guitar and speak directly to the audience she joined Toastmasters where she honed her speaking skills. Mo’s experience in performance (acting, improve comedy, dinner theatre, stand-up comedy, and singing) gives an eccentric twist to the usual Toastmaster speech and she soon was delighting audiences at libraries, Universities, Rotary and Interact clubs. In 2015 Mo’s worshop The H.E.A.R.T of Storytelling was included in the The Toastmaster Conference in Austin.

“We perpetuate our fears through the story we tell ourselves to justify emotions that arise from body sensations triggered by chemicals that are set in motion by a thought.” Mo McMorrow

These talks are great for young people who are still trying to negotiate their position in the world and are sometimes too influenced by what others might think of them and what others are doing. By rewriting the story we tell ourselves we reframe our fear. Learning to not take yourself so seriously can be the first step and Mo is a laugh facilitator.


IMG_1473STAGE FRIGHT: Face it, Embrace it, Trace 40 – 60 min. flexible to suit event needs. Using audience participation, storytelling and song Mo brings the audience of a journey of how she faced her fear of performance (with stories from Ireland) and offers concrete solutions to anyone who experiences anxiety faced with speaking publicly. She helps to foster self-esteem and personal empowerment. These are helpful strategies that can be used for job interviews or social anxiety. Suitable for high school students to adults.

035WRITE YOUR OWN SONG: 60 – 90 min -option of having it recorded live (on Mo’s portable 16 track digital studio) later mixed, mastered and MP3 emailed to all participants – We’ll come up with an idea then brainstorm words and rhymes and build the song on the spot. We’ll talk about similarity and differences between speaking a story and singing it and realize we all have it in us to write a song. Kids do it naturally until they believe they can’t.

a4SHOW, DON’T TELL:  The H.E.A.R.T. of Storytelling 40 – 60 min. How can some people enthrall an audience while talking about a stale muffin while another will bore them talking about a helicopter crash? One of the biggest differences is the art of “showing” not “telling”.

This fun workshop gets to the heart of storytelling using all your senses, including your sense of humour!

You will also walk away with a powerful writing tool that will improve your writing from day one with only ten minutes a day!

This program would be helpful anyone who is interested in improving their storytelling/speaking/writing skills, especially those who enjoy laughing as they learn.


DRAWING A BLANK: Creating Ideas From Nothing 45 – 60 grades 4 – 8,  60 – 90 min high school – adults, (drawing / writing)   A workshop addressing the question of where ideas come from, how to create more of them and why they sometimes refuse to come. And Mo’s surprising conclusion that being a good friend, spouse, parent or sibling follows the same dynamic.

SMALL MATTERS: A multi-media performance including song, story a loop pedal (to layer sounds live in front of the audience) and a PowerPoint presentation that includes video, photos, art and text all showing how lots of little things add up to big things.

12Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 1.14.03 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-30 at 1.14.20 PMMINI MASTERS: Sill life painting workshop  Looking at paintings by Morandi (an artist who built his whole painting career around painting the same bottles over and over) students get to see how art is made from the simplest of objects. A range of contemporary everyday objects will be looked at (cups, tins of soft drink, juice drink, apple, orange, jar, cereal box or anything hanging around the classroom. Allowing for students to suggest objects begins the process of creative critical thinking) Mo shares a simple technique that literally anyone can do. This workshop is best suited to grade 3 and above. Includes a hand out summarizing the lesson content (color, form, line, contrast, composition) with visual examples of Morandi’s beautiful paintings.

Durrumbal Public School, Mullumbimby, Australia
mural painting
Clint Small Middle School, Austin





group shot 2Mo can be hired for art parties in the home or at a venue or for team building mural making.