Created live on stage at The Victory Grill during EAST AUSTIN STUDIO TOUR. People of all ages gladly painted their hands and transferred the prints onto the ever changing painting.
Stories were recorded on site using my portable studio.
I captured the process on camera and edited it into the music video below.


 – The collage received the “Inspiration Award” as part of the Peace Project, a touring exhibition hosted by The Whole 9 Gallery in Los Angeles.
the progression of the painting
the progression of the painting

The completed piece was made with the help of hundreds of contributions from around the world mailed in by adults and children, artists and non-artists alike giving everyone’s contribution an equal importance. Each square is a microcosm of the larger whole working together to create the theme of a connected universe with every small element playing an essential role.

Thanks to all who participated in this project! (names are from the USA unless otherwise stated)    ….  ….   Rex Gilliland, Donna Schmidt, Mary Shannon (Ireland), Kit Holmes,  Gilbert Johnson, Wally  Mathews, Judith Treacy (NZ), Connie Green, Maureen Loadsman, Tore Rose, Michelle Love (Can), Ric Sternberg , Annie borden, Emmelina Audigier (Fran), Mary and Kevin McMorrow (Aus), Mia Wilson (Aus), Emily Wilson (Aus), James Allridge (he was executed Aug 26, 2004), Hether McCuistion, Vicki McCuistion, Jen Jacobs (Aus), Caleb Cherry, (Aus) Ariella Cherry (Aus), Sheryl Paris, Devorah Roytenberg Charash (Israel), Jo Beth Young (Eng), Jack McCabe, Carol Leehane (Can), Danita Clark (Aus) Ben Clark (Aus), Jennifer Dustmann (Aus), Maria Dustmann (Aus), Mia Dustmann (Aus), Chris Sismanis (Aus), Olivia Dustmann (Aus), Diana Lima (Can),  Stewart Moser, Aida Cerda-Prazak, John M Cook, Bruce Newlin, Kenyata, Anne Elizabeth, Brennan, Grace, Dana McBride, Leah (2 yrs), Alex  4 (yrs), D.R. Glenn, Jueri Svjagintsev, Greg Bell (Aus), Abbey (7 yrs), James Melia (Ireland),  Carina  (6 yrs), Jose (3 yrs), Arianis, Psacale Vollant (France), Asma Al Sarehi  13 ans, Chika Haga (Japan), Evelyn Nelson, Jean Synodinos, Amelia Hanna (Aus 3-yrs), Maragaret Hanna (Aus), Lambros Garagonoulis (Aus) Anthony Jackson (Aus), Joyce Tianello Snodgrass, Mette Jensen (Ireland), Rosaleen Tanham (Ire), Breege Fahy (Ire) Caron By-Knight, Nerissa Lea (Aus), Greg Bell (Aus), Aaron Bell (Aus), Randy Cannell (Canada), Joni Rogers, Matt Hiland, Victoria Gilpin (Can), Kandra Niagra, Lucy Senstad, Lori Schlechtleitner (Can), Marybeth Jolicoeur (Can), Lori Paulus    Jennifer Wheatley Arlington, Ghislaine Kruse Van Erp, Karl Stiel, Kirsten J (Ireland)